Warosoku candles are hand-crafted in Kawagoe, a city in Saitama. Warosoku are made using the ancient Japanese technique of “Tegake-seiho,” where wax is applied in sequential layers.
Haze candles are made with it’s namesake fruit, haze, the fruit of the Japanese wax tree. This creates a powerful flame that produces very little soot. Haze wax is made in Fukuoka and Nagasaki, while the wicks are made in Nara. Following the traditional Japanese style, the production of the wick, wax and final candle is split into 3 parts. Here at Haze we enjoy honoring past traditions while also looking towards a bright future.

いずれ無くなるという不確かな“あってないようなもの”を大切にしたい思いから「あってないようなもの」=HAZE(ヘイズ:訳 もや、霞)と櫨(ハゼ)をかけてHAZE (ヘイズ)というブランド名が生まれました。

- The same flame can never be encountered again -
The “transience” that will eventually disappear is beautiful.
The beauty of Warosoku’s flame is that it has the same transience and integrity as cherry blossoms.
People are moved when they discover the beauty of transience and integrity.
Being moved by something creates room in your heart, and that room is spiritually fulfilling.
HAZE is a play on words, both the English word “haze” which means mist and “just as good as having nothing” and also the Japanese word “haze” which means wax tree, cherishing the uncertain eventuality of disappearing and “being just as good as having nothing.”

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